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New movie

2009-01-25 15:53:23 by CSanimations

I made a new movie, it's a music video. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, and I put quite a lot of love and effort into it. I've been doing more frame-by-frame animation, and also using filters and motion guides. Well, you know, I'm progressing. It got a great score, which made me quite happy.
Watch it here.
Also, I'm in a collab, which should be up soon.

See ya.

Merry Xmas + New Movie

2008-12-22 11:10:05 by CSanimations

Yeah, Happy Christmas everybody! I made a pic in celebration. Also, I made another movie - and it got a great score!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
Here it is.

Merry Xmas + New Movie

Nut House is up!!!!!!!!

2008-12-03 15:37:39 by CSanimations

Watch it here!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!! Well, it's up, and I really like how it's come out. This is my first flash to get a 'great' score. Lol. Anyhooo... hope ya like it!

Sketch Show + Collaberation = New Movie.

2008-10-06 16:49:20 by CSanimations

Yep, me and my mate freaktwa are working on a sketch show. We don't know when it'll be done, but we should think fairly soon, and what we've done is lookin' gooooooood.

This is a sketch that probably won't be used, but I made it to make me laugh.

Oh, and I've just made a really short animation. View it HERE.

Sketch Show + Collaberation = New Movie.


2008-10-02 18:24:53 by CSanimations

I've reached town watch! What a tiny, lame achievement!

Another New Move?

2008-09-28 13:16:16 by CSanimations

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I don't know. I've been workin' on a load of other short crappy stuff, but maybe I'll put the least crap one on here.

Oh, and here's a very old stop-motion I made.

YouTube Animation

2008-09-20 04:32:56 by CSanimations

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This is a movie I made and put an Youtube. I have not submitted it to NG because it's small and stupid and the chances are that it would get blammed. But here it is to watch...


2008-09-16 13:55:02 by CSanimations

Although at first people didn't like it, people have started to really warm to my 'stereotyped' movie -


Passed! (Just about)

2008-09-14 12:06:57 by CSanimations

Well, It's not my best, but my latest animation passed . If you don't lika a bit of a roasting, then this is soooooooo not for you. But I hope you get it.

You can watch it here

New movie?

2008-09-10 16:07:56 by CSanimations

I'm thinkin' 'bout putting new movie up.